Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Taiwan Day 4-5 @ KaoShiung and Shilin Market

Day 4, we took the HSR (Taiwan's bullet train) down to KaoShiung from TaiChung. The HSR is awesome, HSR stands for High Speed Railway and the interior looks like an airplane. How nice if they have HSRs everywhere so I can take HSR straight to Melbourne to avoid air-sickness on the plane. :/

Before leaving Sun Moon Lake in the morning. Don't you just love the happy morning sun? :)

Buying the HSR tickets. NT790 one way per person from TaiChung to KaoShiung.

HSR ticket.

HSR station.

MissyXS, famous for stupid poses.

The train approaching.

Looks very much like an airplane from the side as well. And that's some random aunty.

Inside the train.

Camwhoring opportunities will never be missed.

And after around 2hours plus, we reached ZuoYing Station and off we went to KaoShiung by the MRT.

Here we are, outside the KaoShiung MRT station.

KaoShiung Dream Mall.

Real person, super excellent popping skills. ERR, dont know whether it can be categorized under popping or not but it's something like popping la k.

Hello Kitty and friends Ferris Wheel on the rooftop of Dream Mall.

KaoShiung Papaya Milk, awesome.

Free shuttle bus to and fro Dream Mall and MRT station. AND IT'S PINK. Pink man pink. *nudges Lienn*

LiuHe night market in KaoShiung, opens until 5am.

Food/Drinks that cannot be missed in LiuHe night market:

Burger with Chicken Spaghetti in Mushwoom sauce. THIS IS SUPER DUPERLY YUMMAY.

The stall and the lady boss.

 TauFuFa with lotsa different erm, what you call that, toppings. Yeah.

With Fresh Milk,


And Azuki/Red beans.

Apple Milk, nice. They also sell milk blended with other fruits like watermelon, avacado etc etc.

Teh Tarik in Taiwan. LMAO. And and the lady didn't allow people to take any photos of her doing it. HOHOHO. But to bad. Anyway we can find this at any Mamaks here la. :/

Assorted grilled stuff.

And on the way back to the hotel, we saw some AWESOME stuff in the Formosa Boulevard MRT station, which I think many of you might have seen it before on the internet or even in real life for some of you.

3D floor painting!!!!!!!!!!!! I was like OMG OMG OMG. Yeah like jakun. But I never thought I would ever see this in Taiwan. Maybe in UK or US la, but totally not in this cheena country.

The awesome painter.

Next morning, took the normal slow tu-tu-train back to Taipei.

Bento in the train.

Reached Taipei after 4 and a half hours. Rest for awhile and headed to Shilin Market.

The famous fried chicken. The 'XXL' chicken here.

The night market.

The teeny weeny pig rabbits. Got scolded again for taking this photo. ==

Okay, that's all for day 4 and 5. Day 6 will be about the Flora Expo. Stay tuned peeps! Love ya'll.


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