Thursday, January 13, 2011

The 14s.

Just a very quick update. Went yumcha with Lienn and Dixon plus a surprise guest, Mr. Ken aka Manggaliboy. Talk talk talk chat chat chat like we have never ending stories.

Tomorrow will be even greater with the whole BSD clique. Or how we awesomely name it, The current crew, the awesomers. Hehe. Had the mood of snapping photos but too bad Lienn wasn't in the mood so very few photos were taken. :/

And by yumcha, I meant the high class type of yumcha. New Zealand's @ DPC that is.

Snap snap snapped away.

Proceeded to secret recipe for some salty food. Ice cweam too sweet behtahan.

I know you people haven't seen my face in awhile already. Look kinda tired.

Monopoly deal-ed while waiting for the princess to arrive.

Me, Dixon and Lienn were born on the 14th, hence the title of today's post. Stay tuned for tomorrow's event.


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