Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Don't know what to put for title

Hey what's upppppp people. Went video making with Lienn last night at MCD. Will embed the video soon. It's already on YouTube. Another random sampat video of Lienn and MissyXS. Muahahaha. Stay tuned!

Camwhoring session using ma webcam.

We always look good together. HEEEEE. Clean and Clear. Without make up without anything.

OOOOOOO the sampatness returns.

I know you love your teeth, Lienn.

Snow snow snowiiieee.

LALA act cute peace sign pose.

Sometimes she gets very annoyed by me. But I know she still loves me. MUAHAHAHA.

Stupid Lienn tryin to act cute.

HAH. Mwah. Love ya'll!

That's all, just wait for the video ok? BYEEEEE :D


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