Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, JOJO a.k.a Mrs.Ooi. a.k.a JoYee!!

Okay fans, friends and everybody out there. It's JoYee's 21st birthday today but we gave her a SURPRISE party on MY birthday last Friday. Hehe. Glad that she was happy with the party which was planned by her precious boyfriend, Aaron.

The party took place in a private function room in Sri Ayutthaya, Wangsa Maju. Everything's so classy, ambience and all. (Y) I was assigned to bring JoYee to the restaurant, lying to her that it was just to celebrate MY birthday with Jessica. Yeah, so she dumbdumb-ly believed me and off we went to this Thai restaurant.

Once we arrived, we were ushered by the waitress and she led us to the room where the guys and girls were already hiding. And then the typical surprise process went on and we finally got to eat. All the food was just okayyyyy for me, not as nice as the way they've described it. Maybe because I don't really like Thai food. Oh and I can't take spicy food, just so you know. :D Not allergy or anything, I just can't bear it.

Here are some pictures of the food. Yeah, it all looks yummy. Mummy said I really don't know how to eat. But whateverrrrrr.

Salted egg prawns.

Soft shell crab with Mayo I think.

Yumm yumm food.

Me and the birthday girl.

Momma and Pappa.

I tell you, we took sooooo long to take this picture because Aaron doesn't know how to smile. ==

21 roses that Aaron got for JoYee, representing her 21st birthday, so suhweeet. I want. I know I have to waiiiiitttt. Maybe by that time not 21. 30 roses laaa. :S

Group photos, me lovvve. Especially when there's soooo many people in the group. Heh.

Ok, here's a bit of info about me and Jojo.

How long we've known each other : 
Around 9 years but we got close when I entered CAM, which is when I was 18.
Where we 1st met :
Church, King'sKids.
Trips we've been to together : 
King'sKids camp, Malacca Trip a.k.a Aaron's Fantasy. I wanna go for more trips. :( JULY!
What we love to do most together : 
Talk and talk and talk and talk. Because JoYee LOVES to talk.
What I love about her : 
She can REALLY talk, so she keeps me entertained always. Ngahahahahaha. And also the suhhhweet smile and voice she has. Got dimple somemore.

Hmmm, what else do I wanna talk about? I think that's it! Stay tuned for more posts. :))))))))



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