Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sweetcheeks Babycakes

Ignore the title, random. I don't have any pictures to share. Continue reading if you're still interested. I've been helping my mum with house chores these few days. Alot to do as CNY is coming soon. I don't quite feeeeel CNY this year just wanna collect lots and lotsa angpows yay. I don't even have the mood to buy new clothes and I don't mind wearing what I've already have. Maybe because too much shopping in Taiwan.

Should I buy an Ipad or not? Have to ask the geeks about this. Don't feel like carrying my lappie all around plus I need to walk quite a distance from my apartment to uni in Aussie.

And guess what? I'm having homesick omg. But I know I'll be able to adapt when I get there soo hmmm. This is gonna be a super random post cause I'm feeling very random now typing without even thinking.

Talking about CNY, I dislike the hot hot hot weather during CNY I hope it rains this year. And I'm gonna make myself the honey cornflakes cookies/whatever you call it. Fyi, the only CNY cookies I like is just the honey cornflakes one and pineapple tarts. And that's it. Yeah, I think that's all I'm gonna say. Have to continue cleaning the house. *smacks forehead* Oh I feel like sleeping.Z.


R.Y.A.N said...

hmmm ... get an ipad is better than a laptop ... at least the battery usage ain't as high as the laptop ... ^^ when are u going to AUS ?

JesslynnC said...

I have a laptop already actually, so wondering whether is it necessary to get an ipad or not. I'll be leaving on the 15th of February. :) Thanks for dropping by.

R.Y.A.N said...

i think is ok to have an ipad. your laptop is quite big size is it? do some survey on this kind of Tablet PC, don't just only aim for apple but others brand all also quite good and is getting cheaper and cheaper =)

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