Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Taylor's Hartamas is LOVE

Ellos peepss. I think I've fully recovered by now. Still a bit of cough now and then but other than that I'm fine. Went back to college to take my A-levels cert today, ya mann, like finally. I realized I like to use the phrase 'ya mannn' nowadays. Don't know why. HOHO. Yaman yaman.

Okok, let's get back to the topic. I seriously missed Taylor's College Sri Hartamas, ma TCSH. I really thank God for placing me there. I mean, who wouldn't? Taylor's is like the best College/University in Malaysia la come on. I think each and every Taylorian is proud of Taylor's. I always hear people complaining about their colleges/unis but up to now, I haven't heard any complains from Taylorians YET. Taylor's should pay me for promoting them. Nahh, this is a thank you post to Taylor's for the sweet memories it gave me.

Stepping back into TCSH, I felt the temperature of England again. Those who were in TCSH before would definitely agree that it is always so very cold inside the building, especially in the labs. Happy to meet Ms. Suriender, she never changed much. And of course she was happy to meet me also la. (From the Royal Family, one of the four famous princesses) HAHAHAHAHAHA. Kay kay. Sorry. Let me continue. Only Lienn, Vian and Joanne will understand my feelings right now. For those of you who feel I'm crapping, just ignore this post. Ngehehe.

Everything feels just right at TCSH. All the memories flooded my head as I was standing on the escalator. I'll never ever regret taking my CAL there.
Izone, the place where we go on Facebook and play pet society whenever we have free periods.  
The Library, the place where four of us lepak lepak and call it our little heaven. Wait, 'Xiao Tian Di' means little heaven right? Whatever. To me it's our little heaven.
The glass room, the place where we had our little consultation sessions with Ms. Logesh. And also the place where Lienn practiced dancing with the Korean girl, I've forgotten her name shucks. Getting old. OMG. 2more days and I'll be 20. I'll skip that first.

BS4 rocking the Bio Lab.


TCSH prom, 2009.

One Malaysia celebration.

There are many many many more pictures I'm lazy to post it all up here.
Then in Hartamas Shopping Complex, jiong mun yan (now called The Happy Seafood Restaurant, something like that), the place where we order our student sets, deciding whether to take lao sa bao or egg tart. MMMMMMM yummay yummay yumms yumms. What else?
NAGOMI. Student sets also, but the 3 princesses know I don't like to go there so they'll eat there when I'm out for lunch with erm skip that part.  
Mercato, there are also days when the princesses just wanna live a normal girl's lifestyle so we'll get maggie cups here and enjoy it in college. OH memories.  
Mahkota Mamak Stall, serves the best mamak food. See, even the mamak stall there has a royal name mann, 'Mahkota'. Hah.

I think that's it. Me and the girls will plan a day when we go back to Hartamas to relive the princess days. That will be before I leave for Melbourne. So stay tuned. If I've missed out anything here, Lienn please add on to it for me in your blog.

To those of you out there who are still undecided on which college to go to for Pre-University studies, choose Taylor's College Sri Hartamas. They do not only offer CAL, but also SAM, IB Diploma and Canadian Pre-U if I'm not mistaken. Go have a look. Lecturers there are really good, you'll never regret it. Peace out yo. Oh mann super hyper today. Sowie. :D


p/s: Thanks Lienn for the previous post. :) Thanks to those who were concerned about me.
p/p/s: I didn't get to see the leng zhais la aiyoo.


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