Saturday, January 15, 2011

Touching the 'two', finally.

Yesterday was MissyXS's big day. Celebrated the big day with the Current Crew. Current Crew has the most awesome crew members in it so that makes my birthday super awesome. Hehe. Thanks awesomers! Oh and the how we came up with the name 'current crew'? Long story.

Will talk about it next time when I'm really free. LOL. We went to Marche for lunch. And of course when the BSD clique comes together, the coolness will just flow and flow and overflow. Just check out the pictures and you'll know. If you can't feel us, then you're just not cool. Ngehehehehe. MissyXS is so mean. No la, I still love ya'll. Don't like then don't see la k? :)

Marche's mushwoom soup is one of the best. And I heart mushwoom soup to the max!

Warming up warming up. Can you sense the heat already? hahaha. kkk. let's move on.

Still warming up still warming up.

MissyXS and the coach. We share the same birthdate and we're equally cool. Or maybe I'm cooler than him.

The Jess'es.

My all time sampat-ing partner.

Our boyy.

And our girl.

Half family portrait. The other half are overseas. So people, stay tuned for our reunion event.


Love all of em.

Get what I mean? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Duncha just love them?

Soul krazy imitation faillleddd.

Last but not least, Sex and the City minus Vian. To be continued. Stay tuned. :)


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