Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hellllooo from Melbourne :)

Heyyyyloooo peeps! Miss me much? Haha. So sorry. Was settling everything the last few days so I didnt get to blog. Plus the internet connection is soooo annoying. Ahh long story nevermind. Sadly I can't post any pictures yet because it will take up a lot of my data so I'll upload pictures when I'm in uni. Oh how I miss Malaysia. :( I miss Lienn, JoYee, Jess, Vian, Wan Ling etc etc etc etc etc etc etc. Please come to Melbourne all of youuuuuuu!!

Will be back soon kayys? Love ya'll!

Monday, February 14, 2011

The reunion of the Current Crew.

Once a year, the current crew will REUNITE. I hope it will be like a tradition for all of us and the friendship will last forever and ever and ever. Asked them to bring their other halves but none of them listened. *shakes head* It's actually a reunion farewell as I'm leaving already. Why do I suddenly feel like an old grandma? Nevermind whatever.

Went to One Restaurant at DPC for the reunion farewell lunch and camwhored as usual. Oh wellllls, I don't know when will we have this chance again. After Leong returns to Aussie, I'll leave, then Vian will go back to India and then Lienn will fly all around the world, Jessica will leave for UK. So is it possible for us to gather again for the next CNY? Nobody knows. But I hope we can.

Scroll down to view awesome people in awesome pictures. I present you, THE CURRENT CREW, for the last time before I leave. *sobs*

We always love family photos. Hehe.

Pretty us.

Handsome them. lol.

Lienn and I.

Me and Jessica.


Bestie bestie.

Skinny boy.

The joker a.k.a Gary Chow.

Dixon forcing a smile cause I'm too heaveh for him.

We will be in different parts of the world, but we are still one, we are family. :)

I think this will be the last post before I leave, I'll make a short update once I get my internet connection over there. Will miss you guys, will miss Malaysia.

Monday, February 7, 2011

8 more days

8 more days to the land of kangaroos and koala bears. Happy? Sad? A bit of each. I don't know how to feel now. CNY this year was so-so for me. Nothing much happened lately. Farewell dinner was awesome last night. Thanks for everything people. I really don't know what else to say to all of you. So paiseh ok, sand went into my eyes. Nyahahha.

Things/people I'll miss when I'm gone:

Family, mummy daddy leanne nicole yeye mama so on so forth. :D
KLCC hearts hearts lotsa hearts. Don't know why I just love KLCC. Beautiful. :)
My spacious house, my apartment in Aussie is gonna be so super very small *sobs*
My comfy comfy bed
My study table, where I prepared for battles and had victories over all of them, praise God.
Metro Tab
BSD is love
Chinese food yumms
Yumcha sessions with Current Crew
Sampat sessions with Lienn
Talk-a-lot sessions with Jo Yee
Lame jokes by Guo Liang
Aaron's texts saying how much he loves Jo Yee when Jo Yee's sitting right beside me
Sirn Loong's desperation for a gf
Zhong Ren's geekyness
Sam Shen's nonsense
Kevin's scary stare = =
Daniel's super small eyes and uber comfy car hahahahhaha
Jessica repeating that she loves Ted for don't know how many times
Small chitty chatty sessions with Cheryl
Dixon's split
Shawn's skinniness, you better grow fat.
Mr Ken's 'No lahh' and lectures about our future
Many many more, but to conclude, I'll miss all of you who will miss me. Hah.

Things I won't miss:

HOT weather in Malaysia
The you know I know-s
Spicy food
House chores

Oh mannnn I realized I kinda love staying in Malaysia. Haha. LOL. Kayy la, I'm going off now, hope you guys enjoyed your CNY. And I'll be back very soon. Stay tuned.

Love love love,

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another random post

'Cleaned up' my purse/wallet last night while waiting for fussy daddy to buy his clothes and realized I've not been watching movies in the cinema lately. SAD CASE.

I've always kept the tickets of every movie I watched. Went through all of them as I rearranged them in my purse. I think the awesomest movie I've watched is When In Rome. Next is Toy Story. Peas in a POD! Gonna download em and watch again when I'm free.

Needa go for one more movie before I leave. Gold class maybe? Any good movies screening lately? I'm so out of date. My goldclassginity must be lost to someone cool. Any volunteers? HAH.

Mannn CNY is just in two days time. Gonna be bored to death. Lienn, Jess and everybody's gonna go back to their respective hometowns and kayelle is my hometown. Sad or what? Nahh I love the city.

BTW, I'm 150cm for those of you who still don't know. Yah I'm short and small and cute and awesome. [Lienn, imagine my facial expression now. I bet you can.]

Peace out yo! Will be back soon. Lotsa love, - Meet Millions of Bloggers