Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another random post

'Cleaned up' my purse/wallet last night while waiting for fussy daddy to buy his clothes and realized I've not been watching movies in the cinema lately. SAD CASE.

I've always kept the tickets of every movie I watched. Went through all of them as I rearranged them in my purse. I think the awesomest movie I've watched is When In Rome. Next is Toy Story. Peas in a POD! Gonna download em and watch again when I'm free.

Needa go for one more movie before I leave. Gold class maybe? Any good movies screening lately? I'm so out of date. My goldclassginity must be lost to someone cool. Any volunteers? HAH.

Mannn CNY is just in two days time. Gonna be bored to death. Lienn, Jess and everybody's gonna go back to their respective hometowns and kayelle is my hometown. Sad or what? Nahh I love the city.

BTW, I'm 150cm for those of you who still don't know. Yah I'm short and small and cute and awesome. [Lienn, imagine my facial expression now. I bet you can.]

Peace out yo! Will be back soon. Lotsa love,


R.Y.A.N said...

150 !!! i got a friend onlt 146 ~

Adibah said...

lol i'm 148, always thought i was taller than you :-p

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