Monday, March 28, 2011

A lil updatey.

Heeeeeeeey hey hey hey hey me is back. Quite busy last week, assignments and test. Since Bio midsem test is now over, I have a lil extra time to meet you people out there. Haha. Nothing much happened last week but I managed to have my first Nasi Lemak in Melbie. Yay! *Applause* Not a fan of nasi lemak but anyway, I think this is one of the best in Melbie. Makes me miss Village Park's Nasi Lemak. Do I hear all the PJ peeps go woots? hahaha.

Yummay? Haha. Yes yummay. A bit too lemak though. Didn't manage to finish it. And at that point when I was so full, I wished people like Zhong Ren, Leonard and Loong were there to finish it up for me.

Went for the Moomba festival the week before last, just to watch the pretty fireworks. Moomba is held annually here in Melbourne and the word 'Moomba' means Let's Get Together and Have Fun.

Nice no?

Was lazy to go for the carnival because it was too crowded, ended up going for McD's sundae while walking home. Awesomeness.

Oh and the moon was exceptionally bright and big last wednesday. Was it wednesday? or thursday I forgotten.

Mmm bad photo quality. Those are trams you see in the picture.

Photos below will be some random shots I took for the whole last week.

The Brownless Biomedical Library. Looks like some science centre.

French toast for one of the day's supper.

Yeaahhh I dont know why I just have to do silly faces. lol.

Played with the photography apps on my phone to release some stress. I miss my dslr.

The famous instagram HAH.

Testing out the front camera hee.

Okok I think you had enough of all my perasanted self shots hohoho. Will come back asap. Love ya'll! MWAH <3

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy happy happy awesome 25th Birthday, the one and only, Mr KEN.

A very late dedication post to our beloved SPM chemistry tutor and friend, Mr VK Fong. *Applauusseee*

The video at the end of this post is the *special video* I was talking about. We celebrated his birthday I think every year and because all of us are scattered around the world right now(not really la only Vian and I lol), so we did our very best to make his twenty-------*thinkin* five years old birthday another memorable one.
Although we've finished our SPM so long ago, we still heart him because we've so much erm beautiful memories together. He's not only our tutor/teacher but also our friend. A very smart friend. A future doctor friend. A handsome friend. Hahaha.

We hope to see you get married as soon as possible! We will fly back to KL no matter where we are. UK, Aussie, India, Singapore, Paris, China, oh I have to list extra countries just because of Lienn. Hehe. Eh just imagine la, all of us flying back from different countries just to attend ken's wedding,that would be sooooo cool right right right? Can anyone picture that or not.

And next year I hope to have a reunion with all of you. Jessica you better come back for CNY please. So that the current crew can come together again.

Ok it's kinda late here and I've got to wake up early tomorrow so see ya! Hate to get out of bed every cold coldddd morning!!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Numberh 101, oh my blog is so dead. Hehe. Will post a special video up soon k? Wonder who's gonna watch it. LOL. Have been very busy last few weeks defrosting my brain, and now it's fully working well again I can quite safely say. Still a bit rusty in mathematics because for some complicated reasons I'm taking the aihhhhhhh accelerated maths. Sigh dont wanna talk about it.

Food in Melbie is (Y). Burgers, pizzas, what else? I think burgers and pizzas yeah. And erm for Malaysian food, have not tried anything impressive yet. Indonesian food yes, Nelayan. Man it's so cold now am shivering. I miss my pretty girlfriends back in Malaysia. :(

Did not take pictures here in Melbie because although I'm a fan of iPhone, I still have to admit the quality of the photos are really bad. I just can't post ugly low quality photos in my precious famous blog. Hahaha ok maybe not so famous now it's so dead. Ok la there are a few okayyyyy photos taken.

Nah for those of you who are not on my friend list on facebook, this is part of the University of Melbourne. They still retain many old english buildings in the uni.

This is the Union House. Food inside.

Queen Victoria Market.

Fresh seafood sold in the market.

The burger called 'Mighty Melbourne' @ Grill'd. It's yummily delicious.

Oh the awesomest ice cream. So nice I love Roche.I think I eat more here compared to Malaysia.

The State Library of Victoria. Look so fat. Stupid blouse.

Hmm ok I think that's all I wanna post. All those who have me on facebook would have seen all these pictures already. I'll try to take more photos la but then with the low quality camera hmmm have to think about posting it up.
Oh and I miss Jessica Lee Yue Lin. HAHA.

Toodles! Stay tuned for 'special video'. You will see the most recent me in it. Love ya'll. - Meet Millions of Bloggers