Friday, March 18, 2011


Numberh 101, oh my blog is so dead. Hehe. Will post a special video up soon k? Wonder who's gonna watch it. LOL. Have been very busy last few weeks defrosting my brain, and now it's fully working well again I can quite safely say. Still a bit rusty in mathematics because for some complicated reasons I'm taking the aihhhhhhh accelerated maths. Sigh dont wanna talk about it.

Food in Melbie is (Y). Burgers, pizzas, what else? I think burgers and pizzas yeah. And erm for Malaysian food, have not tried anything impressive yet. Indonesian food yes, Nelayan. Man it's so cold now am shivering. I miss my pretty girlfriends back in Malaysia. :(

Did not take pictures here in Melbie because although I'm a fan of iPhone, I still have to admit the quality of the photos are really bad. I just can't post ugly low quality photos in my precious famous blog. Hahaha ok maybe not so famous now it's so dead. Ok la there are a few okayyyyy photos taken.

Nah for those of you who are not on my friend list on facebook, this is part of the University of Melbourne. They still retain many old english buildings in the uni.

This is the Union House. Food inside.

Queen Victoria Market.

Fresh seafood sold in the market.

The burger called 'Mighty Melbourne' @ Grill'd. It's yummily delicious.

Oh the awesomest ice cream. So nice I love Roche.I think I eat more here compared to Malaysia.

The State Library of Victoria. Look so fat. Stupid blouse.

Hmm ok I think that's all I wanna post. All those who have me on facebook would have seen all these pictures already. I'll try to take more photos la but then with the low quality camera hmmm have to think about posting it up.
Oh and I miss Jessica Lee Yue Lin. HAHA.

Toodles! Stay tuned for 'special video'. You will see the most recent me in it. Love ya'll.


R.Y.A.N. said...

Show off ~ BTW, Bio-medicine study math ?

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