Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy happy happy awesome 25th Birthday, the one and only, Mr KEN.

A very late dedication post to our beloved SPM chemistry tutor and friend, Mr VK Fong. *Applauusseee*

The video at the end of this post is the *special video* I was talking about. We celebrated his birthday I think every year and because all of us are scattered around the world right now(not really la only Vian and I lol), so we did our very best to make his twenty-------*thinkin* five years old birthday another memorable one.
Although we've finished our SPM so long ago, we still heart him because we've so much erm beautiful memories together. He's not only our tutor/teacher but also our friend. A very smart friend. A future doctor friend. A handsome friend. Hahaha.

We hope to see you get married as soon as possible! We will fly back to KL no matter where we are. UK, Aussie, India, Singapore, Paris, China, oh I have to list extra countries just because of Lienn. Hehe. Eh just imagine la, all of us flying back from different countries just to attend ken's wedding,that would be sooooo cool right right right? Can anyone picture that or not.

And next year I hope to have a reunion with all of you. Jessica you better come back for CNY please. So that the current crew can come together again.

Ok it's kinda late here and I've got to wake up early tomorrow so see ya! Hate to get out of bed every cold coldddd morning!!


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