Sunday, April 3, 2011

As Bachelor of Biomedicine continues eating up/killing my brain cells.

Long title, short post. Haha.  Finally went to Glen Waverly today just to study abit at the library and to eat their good food. Happy that I successfully travelled from the city to a place half an hour away all by myself. Hehe. Yes, it's an accomplishment, I felt awesome, and I still feel so now.

On the train. Please compare pictures so that you know the girl in the first picture is me. It's just the colours and light. People like Lienn will definitely recognize me. Right?

Glen Waverly is a nice place, populated with Asians, mostly Malaysians and I would choose to stay there if my plans/dreams to settle down in Aussie in the future come true. Ate Italian food for lunch and it's super duper yummayyyyyyyyy.

Creamy salmon.

Gourmet pizza. Awesomer than traditional pizza. Bacon and cheese inside. mmm~

Check out my pink fluffy bedroom slippers. Cheryl and Jessica, that's the blouse both of you gave me. :D

And this ends the short post. Buhbye! Loadsa love.


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