Saturday, April 9, 2011


Taking a break from business law. I hattteeee business law. Like this much. *Opens arms wide* eeeeyyyyhhhh. Hate it. Still very much a science person.

Main purpose of this post is to show you people the awesomest choco desserts I had today with Yi Wern. This is I think the best choco dessert bar/cafe/restaurant in Melbie! Max Brenner. YAYYY! Wait, is it only well known in Melbie or they have branches all over Aussie? They serve anything related to chocolate, from the famous chocolate fondue to the all time favourite chocolate chip cookies.

Tried the super famous hot chocolate named 'SUCKAO' LOL. The name is farrneyyy. They name it suckao I think because you actually suck the hot chocolate from a tiny metal cup in a............. instead of drinking it the normal way. Aiya I don't know how to describe. Just look at the picture. I'll explain from there.

Hah. My milk Suckao. They have milk, dark, and white. Ok, so we get to 'make' our own hot chocolate, which is uber awesome. See the metal cup inside the thing with the candle below? Eh you cannot see the candle. Nevermind. There's a candle underneath the metal cup with milk inside. The tiny couverture chocolates are put into the cup to be melted and voila! Your hot chocolate is done. HAHA. K la doesn't sound THAT awesome. So after your hot chocolate is done, you suck the hot chocolate using the metal spoon. The long thingy is actually a metal straw. Then there's more milk in the little white jar.

The coffee lover - Yi Wern's mocha.

AWESOME OR NOT? I tell you, this is the best best best bestest of the bestest waffle I've ever eaten. Leanne Felicia Wong, Nicole Elvina Wong must try this! That's when you come over next year. MUAHAHAHA.

And this is the molten chocolate souffle. Something like that. Not so nice. Still prefer the waffle.

All these came to about 40dollars. But I think it's worth the money. Yumms. A must try if you visit Melbie. This is their website. 

Ok, back to business law. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Toodles! Will update more. I'll try because I love you awesomers. Hahahaha. BYE! <3 

OOOO wait, last picture.

We're both awesome.

p/s: Lienn please go online asap. I wanna know how you doing in Singapore! <3


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