Monday, April 25, 2011

Home sweet home short update

MissyXS is back in Kayelle! Woots! Hahaha. Feel so happy to be back. Ate so much good food back here only in 3days. Parents asked me to come back for Easter break as I was having homesick since last week when I was still in Melbie. I know right, I have great parents. That's why homesick la duhh.

Ok so I bought a last minute ticket on Thursday night, flew back on Friday, midnight on Emirates and touched down Saturday morning. And now I haven't booked my ticket to go back to Melbie yet. The super duper awesome Emirates upgraded me to business class. One simple reason, they know I'm awesome. Haha. Enjoyed sooooo much in the plane. Ahhh so awesome experience that I will never forget. Oh who knows I will be flying first class everytime in future right? Hahaha. 

My original Economy class boarding ticket. Didn't know awesomness was coming when I took this photo.

That's first class. Didn't take any other photos in the plane because I was busy enjoying the awesome service and food. Two thumbs up for Emirates. SIA, if you want me to compare your services then you know what to do the next time you see my name in your system. *hints Lienn*

My super long hair. Now chopped. 

Sometimes iPhone's camera makes me happy. Applause. Tutti Frutti. Next up will be snowflakes. I mean tomorrow or day after tomorrow.

Paddington's House of Pancake. Always loved the dollar sized pancakes.

Okayy, off to more awesomeness. Toodles!


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