Sunday, April 17, 2011

Love In Melbie

Hey dearies. MissyXS was having homesick on Thursday. Felt like crap but feeling better now. Went for baking session yesterday with the igniters. Heh. Baked to raise some funds for people who wanna go for ignite camp. Made awesome chewy chocolate chip cookies and shortbread dipped in chocolate with colourful sprinkles at May's (one of my cell group member) place.

Introducing another cell group member of mine, Joyce. She always reminds me of Ting Li. Same same character. Acting for a 'candid' shot. Hah. Used milo tin as a rolling pin. This is how we roll in Melbie. Everything's so EXPENSIVE. =.= See this is one of the reason I miss Malaysia so much.

Our shortbread.

Khiet's shortbread man.

ANDDDDD I forgotten to take photos of the awesome chocolate chip cookies. But nevermind, 'my awesome sis' can make the same ones so just wait till I go back to Malaysia and ask her to make some. Another reason I miss Malaysia.

On a separate note, so happy to receive Jessica's post card yayyy! Haha. I think it's my first time receiving a postcard la. Made me feel so LOVED. HAHAHA. Thanks Jess. Lienn is waiting for hers I guess. :p

Tadah the postcard.


i LOL u too. And ignore the super thick knitted ah-ma like sweater it's so cold here. :p I still look awesome so who cares. 

Easter break's in 4 days' time. Really need some rest. Toodles!


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