Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No Place Better Than Home

Blogging about Kayelle in Melbie. I know. :S Anyway, I had a great trip back to Kayelle last week. No, the week before last. Didn't have time to meet up with Current Crew this time sorry I'm a busy woman. Will go yumcha yumcha the next round I'm back, which is, *drum rolls* 1 month and 2 weeks from now. Can't wait already. LOL.

Wah realized blogger's photo uploader changed. Didn't know that. I didn't blog for so long MEH? It's just two weeks. I think. But anyways, finally get to go to Murni. But the one in Kepong. I still wanna go to the one in SS2 but I heard it's closed down or undergoing reno or something. Nevermind. June.

MURNI. Yay. Not so fantastic la. Don't know why I like it also. And I haven't been using a dslr since I came to Melbourne. So happy get to use it again back home.

This. Roti Hawaii. Is. Quite. Nice.

You know what, the best fried rice can only be found in Malaysia. Or let me narrow it down. Kayelle. Or maybe PJ. Haha no la. Kayelle kayelle.

Oooo and I chopped off my hair, so short now. And my skin couldn't take Malaysia's weather anymore. Damn sad. Pimples keep popping out. Tell me what to do. Hope it will not happen again when I'm back in June.

Oh by the way, this is not in Murni anymore. Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie. Name also posh. Hah.

I know so many people have been blogging about it already and I'm soooo late. 

Many people come here just for the ambience but when it's too crowded like on a Saturday afternoon, you will not like it.

Place where the pro chefs make the yummy yummy pastries. Stone Oven.

Stwawbewwy tart!

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? Jesslynn Clarissa Wong. Because she has the fairest feet.

Don't know what are these small buns called. I shall call it the XS octopus bun. Cute and yummay.

Awesome pasta.

Showing off my iPhone la I admit. Don't needa guess. :p I'm proud of my iPhone and its baju. Join the iPhone clan if you haven't! I'm a big fan of Apple. I know the pro geeks will be like =.=. :p 

Ma handsome dad.

ANNNDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Toodles! I'll be back! Hopefully. Haha.
Love ya'll.


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