Monday, June 27, 2011

'Night out' with the kids.

Had an awesome time taking photos for and with the 5arifians '11. DPC, as usual was chosen as the venue for the 'photography session'. chehh sounds so pro. Come come let's look at the awesome pichas. Will only be posting my favs of the night. Others will be uploaded by Leanne on facebook or maybe me. See how.

Find this picha kinda nice. Be proud that I put your photo in my blog, Nicholas.
No need for caption.

My sista. I know my face rounder than her. Shit.

Camwhore sikit.

As the sky gets darker. Moved in to get light from the spotlights on the ground. Another quite good picha.

This is the picture that is on the TOP OF MY LIST. Introducing the awesome poser, the beautiful chocolate man, Chrishy Gomez. 

These two kids, I like.

Another two hahahha. 

The class photo.

Photo of the day. Check out the colour difference. :p:p:p:p

All very good posers. Who asked them to pose like that? ME. MUAHAHA. I miss current crew.

The girls.

Went to have 32 F after that.

AND that ends my post for today! Toodles from the kiyopta me. HAHAHAHHAA. I miss you Lienn. I know you're reading this. I can't wait for our own photoshooting session. <3

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Her day

Heyya I'm back. With photos taken with a proper camera.


Tony Roma's. For momma awesome's day.

Awesome one and two.

Momma awesome.

Momma and pappa awesome.

Special dessert for birthday girl. Awesome like a bomb. Don't even need to show IC. They just believe it's your birthday when you tell them.

Awesome two and Little Awesome.

Pappa awesome photobomb-ing.

Kaylahhhhhhhh nothing much to talk about. Will be back again. :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

From the iPhone

Aloha everybodeh! Back in Malaysia. Busy going here and there doing this and that so sorry for not updating heh.

Trying out the iPhone app for blogging. Quite cool blogging while lying down on the bed. Can post photo somemore. 

My char siew gai fan crave fixed. Chicken rice always taste nicer when it's packed in the polystyrene box like that.


Ok everything that is above this line was posted using my phone. Just to test test and see. Heh. So awesome. Now I can blog anywhere anytime. Lienn, go get this app. It's called blogger +.

Feels so good to be back in Malaysia. Don't need to wear 3 layers of clothes, thick and heavy winter jackets and covered shoes for a month. Awesomeness.
Momma and sista week this week.

Ou, the Curve, Giza, Ikano etc etc. The BSDarians' territory. OH one more, DPC. Next week maybe.

Don't know why can't put in photos using my laptop now. Nevermind then. Next round.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dead blog. Dead.

HAHAHA my blog is soooo dead. I know. Amount of blog readers dropped omg. LOL. It's ok. I'll be back soooooooon. Only have the mood to blog when I'm back in Malaysia. One more week. Just give me one more week.

Current activity/activities in Melbourne : Exam, study, eat, sit, sleep, exam, study, eat, sit, sleep.

Ok, give you one most current picha of mine.

Low quality iPhone front camera. Oh can even add location now? whatt? quite a number of changes made to Blogger huh. Shall explore more after exam. 2 more papers to kill. SIGH.

Toodles. Lotsa love, - Meet Millions of Bloggers