Monday, June 27, 2011

'Night out' with the kids.

Had an awesome time taking photos for and with the 5arifians '11. DPC, as usual was chosen as the venue for the 'photography session'. chehh sounds so pro. Come come let's look at the awesome pichas. Will only be posting my favs of the night. Others will be uploaded by Leanne on facebook or maybe me. See how.

Find this picha kinda nice. Be proud that I put your photo in my blog, Nicholas.
No need for caption.

My sista. I know my face rounder than her. Shit.

Camwhore sikit.

As the sky gets darker. Moved in to get light from the spotlights on the ground. Another quite good picha.

This is the picture that is on the TOP OF MY LIST. Introducing the awesome poser, the beautiful chocolate man, Chrishy Gomez. 

These two kids, I like.

Another two hahahha. 

The class photo.

Photo of the day. Check out the colour difference. :p:p:p:p

All very good posers. Who asked them to pose like that? ME. MUAHAHA. I miss current crew.

The girls.

Went to have 32 F after that.

AND that ends my post for today! Toodles from the kiyopta me. HAHAHAHHAA. I miss you Lienn. I know you're reading this. I can't wait for our own photoshooting session. <3


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