Friday, July 22, 2011

Lienn's back!

I think there's no need for me to write anything because the title explains everything. Haha. When she's back, of course we do our usual shopping and eating and yumchaing together gether with the rest.

New York New York Deli at OU for lunch. Thanks to the now-very-rich Lienn for the superb lunch treat. Haha.

Foodie foodie.

The waiter offered to take photos for us lol. And spot the two monkey waiters behind getting ready to photobomb.


Officially the SIA stewardess.

And the awesome Melbourne uni Biomed chick. HAHAHAHHA.

Yay to our cute baby covers. We've been using same phones since high school. wait.

Check out our white antique sony ericsson 850i. 

Ikea for tea.

Jumbo sausage at Food Foundry PJ for dinner with the rest after that.

Missing Dr. Vian here. :(

The group becoming smaller and smaller. All because of Ken and Guo Liang.

Picture of the day. Say HI to Beef face. *Applause*

I want some more shopping with Lienn! Too bad too little time. Hmm. Guess we have to wait for some golden opportunity again.

Anyway, time to go back to studies againnnnnn soon.

Ok, love ya'll. bye.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Burning hot Malacca trip with the Aunties.

Cuti-cuti Malaysia. Can only afford to go for a one day trip with the family this hols since it's so SHORT. So we joined a day trip to The Historic State, Malacca organized by one of mummy's friend.

It has been sooooo long since I've sat in a 'Bas Persiaran' and actually following a guided tour. We don't usually join tours even when travelling overseas, what more in Malaysia itself.

The weather was super hot on Sunday, thank God for umbrellas, sunblock lotions and shades. After getting all those things ready, off we went to the Bandar Bersejarah.

What else can you do during a 2 hours journey in the bus right?

First stop, err. Omg I don't know what is this place called. The red building? yes? no? Christ Church Malacca?


Trishaw, san lun che, beca.

Part of Jonker Street.

On the way up to the Fort. A Famosa.

Nice weather for pictures but SO HOT!

Tan Kim Hock after lunch. I LOVE DODOL. Super love.

Malacca River Cruise after that.

New hotel beside the river. Will stay here if I ever step into Malacca AGAIN. And will just stay inside the hotel all day.

One of my fav.

Been to Malacca for so many times but I have no idea what ship this is.

Half the group.

All of us.

Nyonya food for dinner.

I don't know why I look like I'm pissed off with the whole world. Must be Brandon. Food here is not bad if you fancy spicy food. That's what I heard from the others. I only ate the omelette and the non spicy chicken.


Toodles! LOTS and LOTSA LOVE,

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Liennlabelle's 20th


Haha. Welcome to the gang darling. Joanne will be joining us soon and the last one will be our beloved Vian.

Sad that we can't celebrate together this year on the exact date. During last year's today, we were at the Curve sampat-ing around trynna imitate the girls in Sex and The City. 

 LOL. Unforgettable memories. Anyway, I'm very sure your cabin crew friends will throw a great partay for ya! :)

Let's spend some time walking down memory lane,

wait my back hurts. OUCHHHHHHHHH. old already, fong sap.

When we first entered Taylor's, the school for the royalties.

I forgotten why we did some photosession and then we went to Haute Food during break. Forgotten what was it for.

One Malaysia lol.

Sampating with Manggali boy. I look like I'm wearing braces. This photo is EPIC.

Small shopping sessions, great bonding times.

Clean & Clear BFF.

Two celebrities born on the 14th.

When college life ended perfectly,

 And as we step into a new phase of life.

We'll always be the most fabulous BFFs.


Here's to another year of AWESOMENESS! <3

On a separate note, lemme show you ma new toy. ;)

My 32GB Wifi White with it's super sweet cover.

RM249, comes with the stylus.

Just one more glimpse of the baby. XD

Dad playing with KungFu Panda
Okayyy, I shall end here. Enjoy your birthday Toh Lien Siaw! Lotsa love from Malaysia, - Meet Millions of Bloggers