Friday, July 22, 2011

Lienn's back!

I think there's no need for me to write anything because the title explains everything. Haha. When she's back, of course we do our usual shopping and eating and yumchaing together gether with the rest.

New York New York Deli at OU for lunch. Thanks to the now-very-rich Lienn for the superb lunch treat. Haha.

Foodie foodie.

The waiter offered to take photos for us lol. And spot the two monkey waiters behind getting ready to photobomb.


Officially the SIA stewardess.

And the awesome Melbourne uni Biomed chick. HAHAHAHHA.

Yay to our cute baby covers. We've been using same phones since high school. wait.

Check out our white antique sony ericsson 850i. 

Ikea for tea.

Jumbo sausage at Food Foundry PJ for dinner with the rest after that.

Missing Dr. Vian here. :(

The group becoming smaller and smaller. All because of Ken and Guo Liang.

Picture of the day. Say HI to Beef face. *Applause*

I want some more shopping with Lienn! Too bad too little time. Hmm. Guess we have to wait for some golden opportunity again.

Anyway, time to go back to studies againnnnnn soon.

Ok, love ya'll. bye.


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