Tuesday, July 12, 2011

♥ Malaysia

Who doesn't love shopping and eating in Malaysia? That's what I've been doing for my entire break in Malaysia. Really nothing but just eating and shopping. Oh and catching up with TVB dramas that I missed out for last few months. TVB dramas are always the best. Why must Lienn come back the few days right before I leave. ZZZ.

Went for the eat all you can ala carte and buffet Japanese food @ TAO, Kota Damansara. Was craving for Japanese food mainly because of  'The Rippling Blossom'. I call it the sushi show. I guess TVB fans will know which show I'm talking about here.

Champagne chicken from the menu. Awesomest of all.

Lamb something. Mum did the ordering.

Some spicy scallops. Trying to order the most expensive dishes in the menu.

Cheese shrimp.

Have been craving for salmon eversince God knows when.

Chawan mushi is a must for me when having Jap meals.

My all time favourite sushi. Haha. I guess this is the cheapest sushi among all. It's only rice wrapped in sweet fuchuk. But it's NICE.

And my favourite soft shell crab temaki.

Tako tako! Tako Yaki. Feel like eating it now. Regret not ordering another plate of this.

Love this because it's salty. HAH.

Camwhore sikit, check out my left eye. Single eyelid! Magic. Not many pictures of myself la busy eating so this is the only one and I hear you say phew.

Some of the stuff I bought. MM.

And my favourite-st of all the things I bought! Forgotten what I bought so far actually. Ok la, still got one more favourite-st-st of the favourite-st. Next post.

Till then! Lots and lotsa love,


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