Friday, August 19, 2011

Back in Melbourne

Hey peeps, sorry for not updating. Haven't got internet connection in my new house yet. :( Blogging in uni now hah. It's almost one month since I came back after winter break, everything is going quite well, except that I'm kinda broke now. Wanted to blog from my phone before this but didn't manage to because my blogger account got hacked. ZZZ.

It's almost the end of winter now but the weather is still super cold. This post is gonna be about super random stuff that happened these few weeks. Will blog about my Mornington and Mount Dandenong trip later.

Winter in Melbourne Uni.

Outside Crown. Beautiful lights.

Crown hotel, can't wait for Lienn to get here and stay in this hotel so that I can bunk in with herrrrr.

Taking choir as a breadth subject this sem, Melba Hall.

Presenting my new housemate, TADAH. She's wearing super high heels k.

Graduates at the South Lawn. My turn in two more years, two more years.

Was brought to this Singapore restaurant that serves really good Singapore food. Er actually Malaysian food. Same la.

Fried carrot cake, they call it Chye Tao Kueh.

Char Kuey Teow, a taste of home.

Vegetarian Laksa.

Yummy sago Melaka pudding?

Beef curry at Ernesta's place.

Meet Helen, the cutest girl in the world.

Next post,

Mornington, Sorento beach and Mount Dandenong.

Stay tuned.

Sorry gotta rush off for class. Lots and lotsa love! - Meet Millions of Bloggers