Monday, December 26, 2011

Dimsum with Grandpa and Grandma Wong

Holla I think I won't be posting about my Jakarta trip because I just realized there weren't many photos taken over there. Who would wanna just read a post about JAKARTA without any pictures? Well at least not for me duhh. But FRET NOT, I'll be going down to Singapore and I will surely give ya'll some updates here. (because I just got a Canon s100, I will take loads of pichas.#LikeALouSai Don't needa bring my hugeass Nikon D90 walking around.) Plus, the most interesting itinerary for this Singapore trip will be.......... Meeting my bff and celebrating NYE+parents' anniversary over there together gether. Woots it'll will be lotsa fun.

So in this post I will be introducing Grandpa and Grandma Wong. *applause* I think I have not posted any of my grandparents' photos up in my blog. Don't even bother clicking older post older post and older post to check. Went to our favourite dimsum place - JingXuan@Damansara Uptown. It was and is and always will be our favourite place for dimsum.#musttry 100x better than Ful Lai kayyy.

The fried stuff. Usual orders: Eggtart, brinjal, some salted egg fried thing with prawn(yummy).

The salted egg thing I was talking about.

Nice or not?

Special fried fishballs. or fishcake. Looks more ball-ish to me.

meat bao.

A must have dish when we have dimsum. HK style prawn Cheecheongfun.

Chao lobak gou. What do they call this in Singapore again? Oh I just remembered. CHAITAOGUEH!

The bao that many people would kill for. Siulongbao aka xiaolongbao aka small dragon bao.

Wanna know what's my favourite dimsum dish?

Jeng jeng jeng.... Siumai. Don't you dare say cheapskate because this one got big prawn inside k? *Frowns at YOU.*

My lovely grandparents.

Your not-so-lovely tomato faced MissyXS with Grandpa and Grandma Wong.

So po wong.

Sorry I havta stop abruptly because I needa go pack my stuff to go to Singapore.

Signing off, #LikeALouSai


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