Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A lil Japan twinkling dust

Konnichiwa! I've always wanted to go to Japan since.......... forever. Love all the cute cute Japanese products and the technology there. I heard even their toilet bowls are super high tech. Unfortunately, dad used ALL his money to send me to Aussie for studies. #grateful. So now we eat ham yu bak choi everyday. Cannot even go to Ipoh. How. Just kidding. We shall see.... Maybe the following year? BECAUSE IMMA GOING TO KOREA NEXT YEAR NO MATTER WHAT!

Back to the topic.Thank you, Pavilion for bringing us the Tokyo Street so that people like me can just drive down to Kayelle and have a feel of Japan. Felt like a tourist because I haven't stepped into Pavilion for quite a LONG time. I think since the beginning of the year before I went over to Aussie. So I purposely brought my camera, knowing that Pavilion will surely have pretty pretty Christmas deco. Once I arrived, I snapped LikeALouSai. (Okok this will be the last time. No second last time maybe. Sis is gonna give me the == face when she reads this)

Wait let me show you some Christmas pichas before the tokyo street ones. WARNING: Quite heavy pictures post.

Yay to purple Christmas tree at the entrance! And I look like a midget! Cute what. HAH. Don't throw eggs on your laptop screen.

Reindeers at the main concourse.

I guess the theme for Pavilion's Christmas deco is candyland. Sweet. Got cake some more. And the beautiful carousel.

Proceeded to Tokyo street. Spot so po wong.

Really feels like we're at the streets of Tokyo. *dreams*

Dora-E-Mon~ Reminds me of the presentation we did for Malaysian Studies at Taylor's.

Big head dolly.

WAH i super love cute pens. Why Japan stuff so cute!

Japanese Ice Cweam *acting Kawaii*

Salesgirl in Kimono.

This shop sells alot alot of cute stuff

And then we walked walked walked and came into a shop that sells

...polaroid cameras!

Lol! Just realized so po wong is in the picture.

And the following pictures will be some food/random pictures I took in Pav.

Forever my favourite boy! Xiao xiao Bing

Waiting for our turn to pay for my air ticket. Woots flying emirates again back to Melbourne.

Had some Arabian food to feed our h-angry tummy after waiting for so long at the Emirates office.

Arabic tea with a tinge of mint.

Not bad food.

Lamb shank. Am I making you hungry already?

Lamb kebab.

Ending picture of this post. One day you will see a picture of me standing under a Sakura tree in the real Japan. :)



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