Saturday, October 13, 2012

1 more month to go!

I'll be home again in exactly one month! Where did all the time go?! It's funny how we often think time passes so quickly and then when we take a look back at our facebook photo albums we realize that we actually did quite alot of things already in that particular period of time.

I think I've been talking about how time flies in every of my previous posts. LOL. Again, I wonder if anyone is still reading this blog. Anyway, just wanted to briefly put the things I've been doing the past few months into a photo chain.

Ok, let me first list out some of the most interesting things that happened.

1. I am now a new convert of Android. Got the Samsung galaxy S3 right after the iPhone 5 launched. Actually the major thing that turned me to Samsung is the korean wave that I'm into now. The actors and actresses in Korean dramas made the Samsung phones look so good! I super love my phone right now, and it's not as difficult to use as I pictured it to be. However, I need to admit that the iPhone is very much more user friendly than the Samsung as it took me quite a while to learn how to use it. I highly doubt my ability to fully utilize this phone though. It's to powerful for me. All I do with it is just call, text, whatsapp, facebook, insta (@missyxs) and tweet, which are all doable with a normal smart phone.

Actually, forget it. I think that's the only interesting thing that has happened. I've just been studying and eating alllll the time. Haha

So here are the major (eating) events  that has taken place in these few months.


Weekly meet ups with the five dancing girls (it's the name of our group chat, don't ask me why). @Mart 130


Weekly dinner/lunch with the cellies/housemates. @Ghin Khao

With Nicole @ St Ali's.


Food @ St Ali's


With housemate, Dawn @ Miss Marples, Mt Dandenong.

 When we (Dom) had a car. @Beatbox kitchen truck - yummy burger and shoestring fries!


Beatbox kitchen Tacos Truck


It's not just a church. It's Bridge Church.

Homemade muah chee using microwave! Super easy. Recipe can be found here.


@ Manchester Press


 Cute coffee arts @ Manchester Press. You can even request for your preferred coffee art. The bunny's mine! Check out Jesus in one of the cups.


Homemade Chee Kueh by Natasha's mum.

Pandan heart shape waffle. Yummiest everrrr

Morning faces during sleepover at Tash's house. Omg I hate my creepy cat looking eyes in this photo.

Time to continue studying, see you guys in a month's time!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Half way there (Praise report) + Mum's birthday

Finally, I've finished the 3rd semester of my 3 years degree course which means I have 3 more semesters to go. Again, I have to say time passes really fast. This four months flew pass extra fast because I was so into studying for one of the hardest subjects in the entire course. After this sem, I really gotta say to students who just went to study abroad, don't decide to fast on whether you want to stay on in the foreign country you are at right now. Give yourself at least one year, you will definitely change your mind. At least, that's the case for me. I remember how sure I was back then about coming back to Malaysia RIGHT AFTER I GRADUATE. Whenever friends and relatives asked me about my plans for my future I will say I hate it there because home is always the best bla bla bla and I wanna come back and how the angmos I met were very racist bla bla bla. Obviously, things changed this sem. I don't know why and how it changed but I just started to appreciate the opportunity God gave me to study in Melbourne. I'm beginning to like it there. Mum said it's because I have a 'target' to fulfill there zzz. And let's not get into that yet. Of course I still miss home a lot when I was there but then I did not feel depressed or homesick anymore. I now plan to get a PR. :X yes, very surprising to some people. I used to think that if I ever planned to settle down in Melbourne I will be separated FOREVER from my family. But NO! After  working, I can just ask my parents to come visit and stay with me whenever I want them to do so because Dad is retiring soon and he will have all the time in the world plus, I will be earning quite a good salary(hopefully, but at least better than what I am gonna get in Malaysia) there I can fly them over anytime I want. I know of Malaysian parents who don't like the culture and lifestyle in Aussie but thank God my parents love it so much there so I don't need to worry about them not wanting to go over. Also, my parents fully support me to continue staying there after graduating. Not only do they support, they keep encouraging me to do so.

Besides, it is like the best timing I went to Aussie. There's this new policy that Australia will be implementing or have already implemented, not very sure, that all international students will be given a two to four years work permit straight after graduation. So we students will not need to worry about not getting a TR or PR and then get kicked out of the country because we can't find a job there. So the scenario now is after graduating, I will have a work permit that helps me buy time and allows me to continue staying in Melbourne while I go job hunting then if I get a job, hopefully the employer will sponsor me a PR. I think. Not very sure if I got it right. I just know that it's a good news for all international students.

Another thing I wanna thank God for is my results for last semester. I never could have gotten such good results without His guidance, favor and revelation. God did not give me just a mere distinction but actually a High Distinction (H1) for the subjects that I thought I would have gotten a much lower grade when most of my peers just barely passed. I was expecting at most a H2 for my core subject (the tough subject that I kept complaining about). And for my selective I was also expecting the same grade because I didn't quite know how to do one of the blocks but I also got a H1 for that. I took finance as my breadth subject and realize commerce is just not for me but I still got a H2A for it, all glory to God.

I also started serving in the production team in the church that I attend in Melbourne. And that was when I started realizing a lil something something that might be a big thing in my life in the future. Will reveal if it works out. I thank God for letting me realize that there are actually quite a number of beautiful things/person/people in Melbourne that I will miss if I kept to my initial plan of coming back to work in Malaysia. Thank God for slowly unravelling His plans for my life in Melbourne. All in all, it was a great great great semester!

I bet a lot of you just skipped all the words. Lol. I'm now back in KL for the winter hols. My sisters and I brought mum to Shangri-la for afternoon tea on her birthday last week and here are a few photos taken.

The variety of sugar options for the tea

International Cheese Platter

Birthday girl


Me and Dad in the background.

Bad resolution and retarded because Leanne asked me to crop her off!

After that I just focused on nomming and didn't have the mood to take more photos. And with this I'm gonna end this post. Toodles! 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last post for Sydney trip

Oh gawddddd, have been so busy and totally forgotten to complete the Sydney trip post. Really don't have the blogging mojo already actually but just thought that I should faster complete it and go back to my notes.

HOOkay, so this post will be on blue mountains and the jenolan caves, which is quite a disappointment for me because I was expecting to see a majestic/breathtaking view at Blue Mountains, but when I get there I was like "This is It??" and the 'zzz' face. Then we went to the Jenolan Caves because it was part of the package and it was nothing much also. Caves. Just caves with stalactites and stalagmites formations inside. Very clean compared to the caves in Malaysia where I went for lame school trips lol.

The tiny three sisters over the other side. Didn't expect it to be so tiny.

Oh this was the most exciting part of the trip. The train moves at a relatively high speed up/down a VERY steep gradient. It was like a mild roller coaster ride. Was fun.

Me on train.

Some guy offered to help us take a photo and he asked us to pose like that LOL.

Prices for the rides at Blue Mountains can be found here. We chose the Valley Return option to realise that it was really unnecessary to go for the three different 'rides'. Should have just taken the Skyway return option (cheaper) so that we could go over to the other side to have a closer look at the three sisters.

Went to Jenolan Caves next. They have this english-y looking rest area selling food outside the caves.

Inside, the Broken Column.

Jelly fish.

Nothing impressive about the caves really. I think that's all. And to end the trip we went to Bondi Beach. Beautifulllllllll.Clean and clear water reflecting the blueness of the sky. White and fine sand. Luxurious  mansions lining up both sides of the beach. We wished we could stay there. One day I (or my rich future husband) will get a mansion like that. hahaha. Not at Bondi but somewhere else. Here are the pictures.

Signing off with a last Chio looking photo. Hahaha. 

Lotsa love,

Friday, April 20, 2012

Sydney Trip Continued

And so, on the second day of my Easter Sydney Trip, we went to the famous Sydney Fish Market.

And here I am, being a jakun in the tram. lol. Sydney's transport system is very much different from here. More expensive too.

Here are some photos taken at the fish market.

Notice most of the people there are Asians?

The yummy seafood platter.

The shuper fresh sashimi.

And the not-so-yummy baked cheese lobster. Really not worth trying. At All.

Lazy to put captions. Lol. To cut the long story short, we visited all the famous tourist spots at Circular Quay.

Not to forget, the Royal Botanical Gardens where you can catch the best view of the Opera House together with the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Went to the city for some (window) shopping after that.

Shall end this chapter here. Will see if I have time to continue the 'Sydney series'. A lot to do for the coming few weeks. Thanks for reading peepol!

Lotsa love,

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sydney 2012

Finally, a short break from uni and work. It was during our summer break back in Malaysia that me and my cousin randomly decided to go on a trip during our Easter break. She studies in Brisbane and me in Melbourne so we thought that it would be great to meet up at the center point - Sydney. On a side note, I used to have thought that Sydney was the capital of Australia when I was in primary school.

So we really did make it to Sydney despite all the shit that happened to me on the first day. Long story short, I missed the flight, I had to forfeit my ticket and pay 139AUD for a new ticket to get on the next flight. And it wasn't my fault at all! zz. Stupid Jetstar.

Once we arrived, we checked into the hotel, walked to Chinatown and had dimsum for lunch. Not as nice as Malaysia dimsum of course.

Lined up for the famous cheap mini chinese cream puffs at Chinatown. (4 for AUD 1.00)

Not as nice as expected. But cute.

 Visited the Paddy's Market. Sells mostly souvenirs.

Walked to Darling Harbour after that.

Saw this somewhere near Chinese Garden on the way to Darling Harbour.

The Chinese Garden.

Unfortunately the Chinese Garden was closed by the time we went there so we can only take photos outside.

A small part of Darling Harbour.

Fireworks at night @Darling Harbour to conclude Day 1. Beautiful.

Think that's enough for today. :) TA! - Meet Millions of Bloggers