Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I just realized I named all my photo albums wrongly on FB. It's supposed to be Singapore 2011 not 2012. 2012, the year which some people, quite foolishly believes that the world will end just because of the show. Forgotten what was the name of the show. It illustrated how scary it would be if the world really ends. But thank God for my salvation which is given by His grace, even if the world ends, there's nothing to be scared of. I know I'll be safe, and I will finally get to see Him face to face.

Time flies, really. It seems like I just did the 2011 new year post yesterday OMG. I remember listing down what happened in the year 2010 in that post and now I'm going to briefly summarize the year 2011. So fast.

The first half of the year 2011 was a disaster for me. I got accepted by the University of Melbourne and I flew over there, stayed in an ughhh house which worsen my homesickness. I was very very homesick until I have to fly back to Malaysia just for one week during my Easter break. Then I got abit better but my emotions were still unstable. Then this PERSON(who knew me since we were 13) said that I was like that because I'm antisocial. lol. I just miss home and I really don't feel like going out. That is one of the symptoms of homesickness and if you may, google it. So I being the usual me, got very upset and I didn't wanna talk to him anymore. I knowwww it's just a small thing. Sorry la k I admit I'm small gas. Hehe. But I think everything's fine between us now. Then I came back the second time during my one month winter break, had fun in Malaysia and then flew back to Melbourne again to start chiong-ing. That concludes the first half of 2011 for me.

Second half of the year, I was back in Melbourne, shifted into a new house(super expensive rent somemore have to pay in advance for housemate walao stress max even right now she's owing me 2 months' rent), attend alot alot of graduation ceremonies because I'm NOT antisocial. Then I began to realize the joy of graduating in this prestigious university and slowly I recovered from homesickness, praise God! However, this means that I began to go out quite often, hence I spent a whole lot more compared to the first half of the year. I bought so many things back for my family causing my luggage to be overweight but really really thank God that the person in charge just let me go without asking me to pay a single cent for the extra baggage weight. Due to my extra expenses I had to look for jobs and finally I got a job at the Jerkyhouse as a 'sales assistant' who washes containers. #STRESS Jerkyhouse is the only shop that sells bakua in Melbourne, for those who don't know. In early October, BFF came to Melbourne, our first time spending time in another country. HAHA. Sat for finals and got quite good results, all glory to God, as I've mentioned in FB.

Upon completing my first year, I came back to KL for my summer break! Yayness. Had lotsa fun but the only thing is most of my bffs are overseas. :( Thank God that the best of the BFF is just nearby so we went down and met up with her. Plus I get to celebrate NYE in my favourite country, not to forget the awesome experience in USS.

All in all I just wanna thank God for whatever He has done for me in the year 2011 although it was quite a rough one but I know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. So I shall embrace the arrival of year 2012 with elation as His plans for me continues to unfold.

I know this post is very wordy. This post was written I think quite the same time as Lienn's most recent post(a wordy one also). #Telepathy. Just that I had to go out to do my hair and didn't manage to conclude the post. Those who read the entire post, *applllaauuuuseeee*. And for those who didnt, I understand because I don't like reading either. Haha.

So here's what I did to my hair. For those who didn't wanna read, at least one picture. Haha.

Chopped of my locks.and dyed my hair. It's a very dark colour so you won't be able to see it in photos. haaa. I look super kiddy now. :/

I've got another thing to stress about now haihhhhh. :( So see you later.


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