Sunday, January 15, 2012

21 years of Awesomeness

On the 14th of January 1991 at 2.45 pm, a baby was born into this world, and she's none other thannnnnnnnn *drum rolls* JESSLYNN CLARISSA WONG - a beautiful name given to her by her lovely parents.

Less than a month old. Spot the pampers surrounding me.

1 year old.

2 years old. I just realized I like to make this stupid facial expression since young. That's my cousie beside me who is just 2 days older than me.

3 years old. Pattern bertambah banyak.

4-5 years old. The tshirt I was wearing really suits me. LMAO.

I think this is also 4-5. But the reason for me putting this picture up is to let you see that my face never changed since then. The 'look' is very clearly there already. #daigaomin

6 years old. I wanted to be an air stewardess! HAHAHAHAH.

7 years old, the era when sisters, even not twins, wear the same clothes.

8 years old, Miss Bandar Sri Damansara 1999. I WAS the tallest. HAHA. Leanne forever doesn't stand properly. UNTIL NOW! omg.

10 years old, the nerd at home. 

Muka macam yes. 12 years old.

UGLIEST TIME OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!! Form 1, 13 years old. Aiyeerrr don't ask me why.

Form 3, WWTT. HAHAHAHAHHA. *inside joke*

16 years old, Facebook era just started.

The awesomest year! SPM year! Form 5! 2008! 17years old. With the BFFs.

18 years old, A-Levels @ The Royal School. Pattern masih banyak.

19 years old, after A-Levels. 

20 years old. Brighton beach, Melbourne.

And finally, THE year has arrived. Turned 21 yesterday! I don't feel any difference actually. Have I grown up? Hahaha. Freedom year? I don't need anymore freedom at the moment. I have just the right amount. It's just that when the clock strikes 12, my driver will turn into a mouse and the car will turn into a pumpkin. I have no problem with that. I know my parents are worried for me because I'm too cute and pretty people might just kidnap me. I thank God for the wonderful 21 years He has given to me. Thank God for allllllll my awesome friends who have filled my life with pretty colours! Thank you Lord for placing me in this family that I love so much. 

COMING UP NEXT, the tea party.


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