Wednesday, January 11, 2012

BFFs back in town.

Heyyo the BFFs are back in town! I know I know I was back since MONTHS ago. And very soon, I'm leaving. :(:(:(:(

We did what we usually do, at our usual hang out place, 1Utama. Just had a simple sisters' day out, shopped for random stuff and had our dinner at the newly opened Chicago Rib House.

One of the waiters offered to take photos for us. We rate their service 5stars.

Ordered cheese nachos and half a rack of their famous original pork ribs. Forgotten to take a picture of the ribs. But you'll see it in our video soon.

Their cute business card.

Didn't really order and eat much because I had a really hard time sucking in my bloated tummy throughout the day. Kept complaining to Lienn how tight my shorts had become. Look what Malaysian food and PMS have done to me. SIGH. Don't know when can we do this again. Maybe in Melbourne? NEVERTHELESS, we had a SPLENDID day today. 

Cheers to our everlasting sister-ship!


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