Monday, January 16, 2012

MissyXS' 21st birthday tea party and Garfield's 21st birthday pool party

I think every girl's dream is to have a grand 21st birthday party in a hotel function room. I started dreaming about my 21st birthday party since high school, thinking how grand it will be, how many people would I invite, who's gonna do the decorations, what dress to wear etc. Little did I know my friends left me one by one to further their studies overseas, so many of them wouldn't be able to come back just for my birthday, and hence the plan to have a party in the hotel was cancelled. Nevertheless, liennlabelle managed to apply for leave just to come back to celebrate my 21st with me.#happy. So what's better than celebrating my birthday by doing what both of us love most? On top of that, me and Dixon get to compromise with each other since he will be doing his at night. Everybody happy. Hahaha. So finally I decided to have my English afternoon tea party at Bistro42, Bangsar Village 2.

I was soooo excited about my party because it would be all pink and princessy with helium gas filled balloons and my kiddo tiara that I bought for RM6.90. Lmao. We had the pretty tea sets, pastas, desserts and the birthday girl gets an extra plate of chocolate desserts! The best part of all, awesome company.

And so round 1 begins.....

 Tea sets!

While waiting. With the BFF.

Another BFF!

Both BFFs became a couple. HOW SWEET.

Charlie's angels.

Love the balloons.

MissyXS being a princess for the day.

We both turned 21st together gether! 

Mr.Kong, Ms. Wong, Ms. Lim, Mr.Ong. wow kong wong ong.

Most annoying Brit-ish boy on the left who always claim that he's handsome. Another annoying one on the right who always think that I'm antisocial. Most pretty and kind one who always forgive both of them in the middle.

Yayness to the both of us. #daigaomins

Garfield boy loves strawberry.

Most awkward moment - Birthday song. And if you didn't notice, there are 5 candles on the cake. BIG ones. zzzz.

Dixon making a big fuss about the number of candles. "Cannot!!!! Cannot!!!!"

Thank you for coming back to celebrate this big day with me. <3

Thank you alllll for coming. <3<3<3

Wait, some more some more,

The charming boys.

The gorgeous girls.

Happy family.

Round 2......................

Garfield's pool party begins.

Peace out.

GL photobombing.

Nah, bagi chance.

Oh hi, Lala muis from China. Lienn, you really look like tourist from china with your camera hanging there. ahahhaa.

*Heavenly music plays in background*

And that shall end my post for today.

 These people, a BIG part of my life. Love all of you to bits!


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