Monday, January 2, 2012

Preview of Singapore 2012

If you ask me which is my favourite country, my answer did not change and will never change - The sunny little island, Singapore. Why, you ask. It's because each and every part of Singapore is a city. Even if you stay far away from the town area, you still feel city-ish. I don't know why. Whereas in Malaysia, you will still see kampung places even in KL itself. #cannotstandit In Aussie, yes it is clean, no polution etc etc but their countrysides are still kampung, in the English way. Good for relaxing once in a while but no way I'm gonna stay there my whole life. My love for the cities is indescribable. This is why every year by hook or by crook I will ask mummy to make a trip to Singapore. If she says she don't wanna go I'll tell her the same old thing: then I go myself. THEN, she will go. Muahaha.

This year we decided to go and celebrate NYE + my parents' anniversary over there. YAYness because I not only get to go to USS but I get to see my bffs! Yes, happy eventhough Lienn is coming back in a week's time lol.

I'll just make a short post first because I'm super busy still even after the new year. OMG i forgotten. HAPPY 2012 loved ones!

First thing I do once I reached the hotel.

USS the next day.

MBS the third day.

Met up with BFF and stayed over at her place.

Orchard with the babes. NYE.

This is the summary of the days I had in SG. The thing now is I don't know whether to do an elaborate post on it or not. I'll see how. But lucky FB friends, you get to see all the photos, unfiltered. Haha.

Shall go now. Got another dinner to attend. #Likealousai.


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