Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Universal Studios Singapore, USS

It was a bright and sunny day in December, random patches of clean white clouds were decorating the sky which was in a pretty shade of light blue colour. The strong green trees provided a cooling shelter for those who were walking on the streets of Singapore from the burning globe of fire............

HAHAHAHA gotcha there. I'm not gonna write another essay about my USS trip. LOL. It has been years since I wrote this kind of essays man. Since....... Form 5? We call it the Cambridge TRIPLE ONE NINE. How I miss those days where we try hard to write our essays as long as possible, adding in all the bombastic phrases and idioms.

Ok so back to what I'm supposed to do now, here are some of my favourite pictures taken in USS last December. We spent a whole day in USS from morning til night, playing, queuing for rides and taking pictures #LikeALouSai.

The place where EVERYONE will take photo. I look like a pregnant woman seriously.

The HERSHEY'S bottle.

Before entering.

Thank God we didn't need to queue for the tickets. We have our own way nyehehe.

Parents at the Hollywood Street.

Don't really like Madagascar but...

Ng Cheo Well : oiiiii give me someeee.
Leanne Felicia Wong : Hoho. *Pouts lips half way*

The castle. Far Far Away Land.

Chehhh tourist from KL. Check out my camera pouch. CHIO right?

Entering Dinoland.

The store.

The only mascot we got to take picture with because.... long story.

The turkey legs there suuuupppper yummy can. Don't know how much of turkey I have eaten last December and beginning January.

Me and dad.

While queuing up for Light, Camera, Action. One of the very impressive attraction in USS.

Getting into the new Transformers ride. 

I.DID.NOT.GO.ON.THAT.RIDE. Haha. Lienn said you haven't been to USS if you didn't go on this ride. Aiyerr so friggin humongous and tall I don't dare.

Family picha.

The castle at night.

Colour of the lights on the castle changes.

The Empire State Building. Think HIMYM.

Of course we went for the Revenge of The Mummy ride. It was suuuuppperrb!

That's about it. There are many more pictures uploaded on FB. So yay to FB friends.



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