Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wordless Post

Ok, maybe just a few words. I'm now back in Melbourne, the weather is super hot. Hope Autumn comes early.

Bye <3

Monday, February 20, 2012

Through the years

Where has the time gone, seriously? Three months plus past in a blink of an eye. It's time for me to return to Melbourne again. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
This will be my last post before I go back.

Hmm so there's this day, I woke up, checked my facebook, and saw that I was invited to a gathering organized by one of my primary classmate. That was not the first time haha. I was always busy the last few rounds when the primary schoolmates called for gatherings. Since I was very free that weekend, I decided to go. After all, it has been 9 years since we've met each other. (Except for wan ling.)

It was quite a successful gathering, I must say. We talked about everything, from things we're doing currently until silly things we did back in school. Proud to say that all of them are doing very well (no one dropped out of school). Many of them are now overseas, some in UK, some in US. Some even in Taiwan. And guess what? We have a mini gang in Melbourne. We're gonna have our own little gatherings back in Melbourne then.

Most of us still looked the same as we were before, just prettier, more handsome, and the guys definitely alot alot taller.

Here's my primary school class photo taken when we were in Standard 6.

Translation: (SJK (c) Desa Jaya) Desa Jaya Chinese Primary School, Selangor. Class of 2003, 6A.
Spot me.

The feelings of meeting friends whom you play and study with when you were sooooooooo young is indescribable. Everyone just look the same yet we know a lot of things have changed over these years.

When we were young, we always wished we were older. But as we grow old, we wish we had those naive and stress-free lives again.

This is life, and I will be packing back to reality. No more summer fun in Malaysia. Time to refocus and do my very best for the Sem to come. Life goes on as we continue to build more memories in our lives.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CNY 2012

Hellos. Is CNY over for you yet? Mine was over since Monday. My CNY gets worse year by year omg. Even the Angpaus that I receive get lesser every year. I wonder how will the CNY be like for the next generation. Probably everyone will just treat it as a holiday week and go for vacations. I know some people who do that nowadays. No more balik kampung but keluar negeri/negara. Oh wells I will try my best to keep the 'bai nian' tradition going when I have my own family next time. I think it is an important culture that we Chinese need to preserve.

My whole family is from KL so I don't have any kampung to balik. My grandparents are living just about 10-15 doors away from my house. Lol. I can just walk back to my kampung. That's for the paternal side of the family. Relatives over mum's side are also all in KL but just a lil further.

Day 1 of CNY is always always the most boring day. We'll go visit my grandparents a few doors away and then come home and nap. lol. This year we even went to ou at night. Seriously, who goes for shopping during CNY. zzz.

3 cousins of the same age. We grew up together and will grow old together. lol. They were in the pictures in my 21 years of awesomess post. Go guess who is who. lol. We really have grown.
p/s Lol @ Uncle Johnny photobombing us.

Lol we meet EVERY week. Will miss them when I go back to Melb.

Day 2, mum's side.


Pretty niece. Poor thing have to cut short hair.

hah. I really don't know how to handle a baby hands down.

Lunch with uncle.

Day 4, (i think)

With the Church-ies. Hahah. It's not what you think it is. ;)

Day 5,

OU again!

Wonderful shot. LAWL. Mata sepet -doh-.

Day 6, reunion with mum's college friends @Reunion, Bangsar Village 2.

Their friendship lasted soooo long. I hope I can do this with the Current Crew next time.

To the BFFs : Imagine us!

The husbands.

Not to forget, the food was superb.

This was the yummiest. Salted egg with HUGE prawns.

The longevity noodles.


Was busy eating so I didn't bother to take photos of the rest of the dishes.

Okayh that's pretty much it and I'm going off now.

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