Monday, March 12, 2012

Reporting with love

Life has been better here in Melbourne although there were some down times in between due to housemate problems. Hope everything will be fully solved after she moves out from the house. Autumn has officially taken over summer, meaning that I have to spend about 10 minutes standing in front of my wardrobe thinking of what to wear and how many layers to wear everyday before class. And with that I meant 9.00 am classes so I have to drag myself out of bed extra early to get ready.

I'd just like to post up some photos of what have been happening this few weeks other than being drown in my first commerce subject's assignment - Finance.

First off, Lienn got called up for Melbourne flight again! This time she stayed at Crown but I didn't get to stayover with her because I had morning class the next day. :(

Love from the stewardess. @Max Brenner, QV.

Secondly, I have been meeting quite often with the primary school friends who recently joined the Melbourne study gang.

The noobshit camera man made us half-squat and made ting ting look like an outcast lmao.

@ Monash University, Clayton Campus

Had some awesome Jajiangmian and dumplings at Clayton.

Dinner at Lygon before going to the annual Moomba Festival. Mamak looking Italian restaurant.

Not forgetting church service every week + baking session with Dawn.

We made yummy chewy brownies.

Chewy brownies with vanilla ice cream. How not to get fat.

On the way to church @ Swanston St.

And just today, Weng Leong came and borrow my dryer and bought me paos and a cute lil 50ml bottle of Baileys.

Keke how cute! Ok enough with that. 

Goodnight and God bless you all who are still reading this. - Meet Millions of Bloggers