Friday, April 13, 2012

Sydney 2012

Finally, a short break from uni and work. It was during our summer break back in Malaysia that me and my cousin randomly decided to go on a trip during our Easter break. She studies in Brisbane and me in Melbourne so we thought that it would be great to meet up at the center point - Sydney. On a side note, I used to have thought that Sydney was the capital of Australia when I was in primary school.

So we really did make it to Sydney despite all the shit that happened to me on the first day. Long story short, I missed the flight, I had to forfeit my ticket and pay 139AUD for a new ticket to get on the next flight. And it wasn't my fault at all! zz. Stupid Jetstar.

Once we arrived, we checked into the hotel, walked to Chinatown and had dimsum for lunch. Not as nice as Malaysia dimsum of course.

Lined up for the famous cheap mini chinese cream puffs at Chinatown. (4 for AUD 1.00)

Not as nice as expected. But cute.

 Visited the Paddy's Market. Sells mostly souvenirs.

Walked to Darling Harbour after that.

Saw this somewhere near Chinese Garden on the way to Darling Harbour.

The Chinese Garden.

Unfortunately the Chinese Garden was closed by the time we went there so we can only take photos outside.

A small part of Darling Harbour.

Fireworks at night @Darling Harbour to conclude Day 1. Beautiful.

Think that's enough for today. :) TA!


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