Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last post for Sydney trip

Oh gawddddd, have been so busy and totally forgotten to complete the Sydney trip post. Really don't have the blogging mojo already actually but just thought that I should faster complete it and go back to my notes.

HOOkay, so this post will be on blue mountains and the jenolan caves, which is quite a disappointment for me because I was expecting to see a majestic/breathtaking view at Blue Mountains, but when I get there I was like "This is It??" and the 'zzz' face. Then we went to the Jenolan Caves because it was part of the package and it was nothing much also. Caves. Just caves with stalactites and stalagmites formations inside. Very clean compared to the caves in Malaysia where I went for lame school trips lol.

The tiny three sisters over the other side. Didn't expect it to be so tiny.

Oh this was the most exciting part of the trip. The train moves at a relatively high speed up/down a VERY steep gradient. It was like a mild roller coaster ride. Was fun.

Me on train.

Some guy offered to help us take a photo and he asked us to pose like that LOL.

Prices for the rides at Blue Mountains can be found here. We chose the Valley Return option to realise that it was really unnecessary to go for the three different 'rides'. Should have just taken the Skyway return option (cheaper) so that we could go over to the other side to have a closer look at the three sisters.

Went to Jenolan Caves next. They have this english-y looking rest area selling food outside the caves.

Inside, the Broken Column.

Jelly fish.

Nothing impressive about the caves really. I think that's all. And to end the trip we went to Bondi Beach. Beautifulllllllll.Clean and clear water reflecting the blueness of the sky. White and fine sand. Luxurious  mansions lining up both sides of the beach. We wished we could stay there. One day I (or my rich future husband) will get a mansion like that. hahaha. Not at Bondi but somewhere else. Here are the pictures.

Signing off with a last Chio looking photo. Hahaha. 

Lotsa love,


nucleophilic addition-elimination said...

Good luck with your exams soon. Did you do the GAMSAT? If so, I hope it went well.

JesslynnC said...

nope didn't do Gamsat haha. i'm not planning to do med actually. still dunno what to major in yet :) Thanks!

nucleophilic addition-elimination said...

Omg someone from biomed who doesn't plan to do med? haha ;).

Other than med i guess the GAMSAT is needed for optom and dent, but not physio or honours or most other things.

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