Saturday, October 13, 2012

1 more month to go!

I'll be home again in exactly one month! Where did all the time go?! It's funny how we often think time passes so quickly and then when we take a look back at our facebook photo albums we realize that we actually did quite alot of things already in that particular period of time.

I think I've been talking about how time flies in every of my previous posts. LOL. Again, I wonder if anyone is still reading this blog. Anyway, just wanted to briefly put the things I've been doing the past few months into a photo chain.

Ok, let me first list out some of the most interesting things that happened.

1. I am now a new convert of Android. Got the Samsung galaxy S3 right after the iPhone 5 launched. Actually the major thing that turned me to Samsung is the korean wave that I'm into now. The actors and actresses in Korean dramas made the Samsung phones look so good! I super love my phone right now, and it's not as difficult to use as I pictured it to be. However, I need to admit that the iPhone is very much more user friendly than the Samsung as it took me quite a while to learn how to use it. I highly doubt my ability to fully utilize this phone though. It's to powerful for me. All I do with it is just call, text, whatsapp, facebook, insta (@missyxs) and tweet, which are all doable with a normal smart phone.

Actually, forget it. I think that's the only interesting thing that has happened. I've just been studying and eating alllll the time. Haha

So here are the major (eating) events  that has taken place in these few months.


Weekly meet ups with the five dancing girls (it's the name of our group chat, don't ask me why). @Mart 130


Weekly dinner/lunch with the cellies/housemates. @Ghin Khao

With Nicole @ St Ali's.


Food @ St Ali's


With housemate, Dawn @ Miss Marples, Mt Dandenong.

 When we (Dom) had a car. @Beatbox kitchen truck - yummy burger and shoestring fries!


Beatbox kitchen Tacos Truck


It's not just a church. It's Bridge Church.

Homemade muah chee using microwave! Super easy. Recipe can be found here.


@ Manchester Press


 Cute coffee arts @ Manchester Press. You can even request for your preferred coffee art. The bunny's mine! Check out Jesus in one of the cups.


Homemade Chee Kueh by Natasha's mum.

Pandan heart shape waffle. Yummiest everrrr

Morning faces during sleepover at Tash's house. Omg I hate my creepy cat looking eyes in this photo.

Time to continue studying, see you guys in a month's time!


nucleophilic addition-elimination said...

good luck for exams in a few weeks time... 파이팅! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

IceCreamBun said...

Good Luck to you~~!!! :D

BTW, found your blog through bloggers... Take care!! :D

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